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Several of these links have been collected over time. If some end up being dead links let me know so I can remove them.

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Dinosaur Expedition
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  • Archaeology Homepage
  • A New Dinosaur Species
  • BBC Walking With Dinosaurs
  • Collecting Fossils in California
  • Climatology and Paleoclimatology Resources
  • Center for Human Evolutionary Studies
  • Cascoly Dinosaur Games
  • Chris Nedin's Page
  • Dinobase
  • Dinosaurs Of Madagascar
  • Dinosauria On-Line
  • Discovery Channel "When Dinosaurs Roamed America"
  • Dinosaur Resources
  • Dinosaur Artist Joe Tucciarone
  • Dinotopia: The Official Website
  • Enchanted Learning - Zoom Dinosaurs
  • Extinctions
  • Evolution and Genetics
  • Fossil_Surgery
  • Gainesville's Creek Fossils
  • Institute of Paleobiology, Warsaw, Poland
  • Megalania Dinosaur Modeling Pages
  • Museum Of Paleontology
  • NC Museum Of Natural Science
  • Prehistoric World Images
  • Per Hansson's Trilobite Gallery
  • Paleontology in the Netherlands
  • PawPawSaurus
  • Prehistoric Products
  • Paleontology Resources
  • www.SuperCrock.com
  • Troodon Productions
  • The Dinosaur Studio Webpage
  • The Granger Papers Project
  • www.TwoGuysFossils.com
  • Zoom Dinosaurs Questions

    Dinosaur Science and Art

    Dinosaur RadioCarbon Dating
    Dinosaur Fossil Exchange
    The Smithsonian Institution
    Staab Studios
    John Sibbick
    Dinosaur Mummy
    Project Exploration
    University of Maryland: Geology
    Dann’s Dinosaur Reconstructions
    Panoramas: Dinosaur Illustrations
    Prehistoric Times Magazine