I am an Illustrator as well as a Sculptor and Mold maker. I'm what you would call a Renaissance Man.

For 15 wonderful years I grew up on my parents 32 acre horse ranch in Ukiah, California. I was inspired by the many creature and monster movies of my time. Movies like "Star Wars", Terminator", "Predator", "Aliens" and "Jurassic Park" amongst many others. My inspiration for sculpture was due to the artists who worked behind the scenes that created all those movie Creatures.

I taught myself how to sculpt and create masks and maquettes. I also loved to draw and did so as often as I could. I enjoyed reading books on many of my favorite illustrators a couple being "James Gurney" and "Bob Eggleton". I eventually went to "Mendocino College" in Ukiah, CA. and received two degrees in ceramic arts and fine arts.

I eventually attended the "Laguna College of Art & Design" in Laguna Beach, California where I received My BA in "Illustration". One of my works can be found in the "Prehistoric Illustrated Magazine" alongside James Gurneys artworks.

I have sold my artworks in various events in California and Oregon. I also go to different conventions with my artwork and enjoy giving out free art advice to those who are interested. Among the many arts and crafts I also work in leather crafting which is my newest fun craft.

I have a deep love and respect for animals that shows in my art. If you want to follow my work I have provided links on the top right of my page here for easy access.